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1953 Photo of Kwik Car WashJerry Kuhn’s Kwik Car Wash is one of the oldest car washes in the United States. Our 220-foot tunnel is the largest conveyor car washing tunnel in Ohio. Although these are interesting facts and sources of great pride for us here at the carwash, we know that what’s really important to you as our customer is how well we clean your vehicle, how quickly we provide this service, how respectfully and professionally we treat you when you visit our carwash, and what kind of value we provide for the money you spend.

This is why everything we do here at Jerry Kuhn’s Kwik Car Wash is devoted to meeting these four goals:

1. Providing our customers with a quality wash

2. Cleaning cars quickly and efficiently

3. Ensuring that customers are always treated the way we would want to be treated

4. Delivering the best value for our full service, exterior wash and express detailing customers.

Doing Business - Article from Take A Look At Parma Heights 2012
By Karen Fuller - Photo By Ken Blaze

Doing Business Article From Take A Look At Parma Heights 2012Kwik Car Wash, a Parma Heights icon, is rediscovering its roots. With a name change and waiting-room remodel, the long-standing business will pay homage to the man and era that launched it.

They’re remodeling the lobby to emulate decor of the 1950s. The plan is to put up old pictures of 1950s cars and articles about Jeff Kuhn’s mom and dad. ”We want to give people a feel for the history of Kwik Car Wash and my dad’s vision,” Kuhn says. Other improvements include a new storefront with a new sign, canopy and doors, and a remodel of the grounds and landscaping.

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Kwik Car Wash is part of the International Carwash Association WaterSavers®

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