*These services are seasonal from April-October.

Give your vehicle the attention it deserves! Allow one of our Certified Detail Technicians to tend to your vehicle with precision and an eye for perfection. Heavy dirt, soil and/or pet hair? These are the services for you.

*Appointments are required. To schedule, please call 440-884-4848.

Average-size Vehicle $109.95

SUV’s/Minivans $129.95

Full sized/Oversized Vans $139.95 and up

Bring your vehicle’s interior back to life with our Full Interior Detail package. We start addressing crevices and cracks by expelling dirt and dust with a high power air gun. The interior is vacuumed before spot treating stains and soils in the carpet. Carpets and floor mats are extracted with a deep cleansing detergent, leaving a clean, fresh scent. Fabric seats are treated in the same manner. Leather seats are scrubbed clean and conditioned with a thick leather conditioner. All vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces are deep cleaned, disinfected and protected. Windows are cleaned with an ammonia-free window polish inside and out for optimal driving vision.

Average-size Vehicle $109.95

SUV’s/Minivans $129.95

Full sized/Oversized Vans $139.95 and up

Show off the true color and shine of your vehicle with our Full Exterior Detail package! We begin by removing all underlying contaminants with a lubricated clay mitt to rid the clear coat of embedded dirt. Our pure carnauba banana wax is then applied and wiped clean after allowing it to bond with the paint surface, revealing the true gloss of the paint. A trim-restoring agent is applied to all trim faded by sun and UV rays. We complete the package with a deep tire shine to make the exterior pop!

Average-size Vehicle $189.95

SUV’s/Minivans $209.95

Full sized/Oversized Vans $219.95 and up

Our Bumper-to-Bumper Complete Detail package includes the best of both – combining the services in the Full Interior and Full Exterior Detail packages in one convenient and affordably priced bundle. Every nook and cranny is double checked for perfection.

*All personal belongings must be completely removed from vehicle prior to vehicle drop off.

Express Detail

All Express Detail services purchases must be purchased with a Super Clean Special, which includes: Emerald Exterior Wash with Ceramic Sealant, Tire Shine, & Hand Dry + Interior Vacuum + Windows + Seats Dusted + Cracks & Crevices Blown Out + All Hard Surfaces Cleaned & Shined + Rubber Mats Rinsed.

Carpet Shampoo
  • Carpets Shampooed and Extracted
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Dirt and Average Stains Removed
  • Floor Mats Extra: 2 for $6 or 4 for $10

Fabric/Leather Seat Cleaning
  • Fabric Seats: Shampooed and Extracted
  • Leather Seats: Cleaned and Conditioned

Hand Wax
  • Pure Carnauba Wax
  • Hand Buffed

Hand Wax with Clay Bar
  • Clay Bar to Remove Surface Contaminants
  • Hand Buffed
  • Pure Carnuaba Wax

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